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Services We Provide

We supply contractors in Southern California and Florida with an environmentally friendly and EPA compliant washout containment system. Our washout containers are a portable sealed container that can accommodate your washout needs for concrete, paint, masonry or stucco tools and equipment. These containers exceed State and Federal EPA Best Management Practices.

Ramped Container:

20’ L x 8’ W x 2’ H (rear) + 14” H (front) 

5.5 cu. yd. concrete washout capacity

Rampless Container: 

12’ L x 8’ W x 2’ H 

6.0 cu. yd. concrete washout capacity

Mini Container: 

4’L x 4’ W x 29” H 

1.5 cu. yd. concrete washout capacity 

Available only in Southern California.


  • Highly efficient and cost-effective method for separating and recycling solid and liquid washout materials 
  • Portability feature keeps the job site clean and keeps the contractor from EPA or other regulatory agency fines for storm water pollution
  • EPA recognized as a Best Management Practice (BMP) for containment and control of concrete waste materials generated, including concrete wastewater
  • LEED compliant. Contributes to points achievable for Credits MR 2.1 and 2.2. 
  • Compliant with California HPS Criteria