If your company is involved with any Green Building projects in Southern California or Florida, want to keep your jobsites clean, or are trying to move to a more sustainable way of building, our product is tailor-made for your company. 

The use of washout containers keeps the water off the ground and out of our waterways. It also keeps the jobsite clean and free of concrete patties that you have to pay someone to clean up (and hopefully that will clean up the entire mess). 

All materials captured by our containment system (water & excess concrete) are recycled at certified recycling centers. The use of these containers could help you to acquire LEED credits. Among these are the MR 2.1 & MR 2.2 credits. Contact us for some more information regarding some additional ways that we can help you obtain other credits with the new LEED V3.

We can save you from having these "Dirty Jobs!"